STATES MX – Adjustable Alloy Footpegs – HUSABERG – BLUE

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 STATES MX – Adjustable Alloy Footpegs

SHERCO 4.5 ENDURO 2009-10

SHERCO SE250iR 2013

SHERCO SE450iR 2010-11

SHERCO SE510iR 2013

HUSABERG FC400 1997-1999

HUSABERG FC450 2005-06


HUSABERG FC550 2003-08


HUSABERG FE250 2013-14

HUSABERG FE390 2010-12

HUSABERG FE400 1998-2004

HUSABERG FE450 2004-10

HUSABERG FE501 2013-14

HUSABERG FE550 2004-08

HUSABERG FE570 2009-12

HUSABERG FE600 1997-2001

HUSABERG FE650 2005-08

HUSABERG TE250 2011-14

HUSABERG TE300 2011-14


Solid billet aluminium is shaped during the forging process to form the footpeg. The internal grain of the aluminium is refined during forging to remove imperfections and produce a continuous grain which improves its physical property. The result is an extremely lightweight footpeg with unrivalled strength.

  • Fitted with super aggressive high tempered steel teeth for exceptional grip
  • Includes optional standard grip teeth set
  • Includes spare replaceable super aggressive & standard teeth
  • Unique triple bridge design allows for 17 teeth across 3 rows for increased grip
  • Lightweight cut-outs give an aerodynamic design which reduces excess mud build up
  • 57mm wide oversize footpegs for extra stability