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The sizing for each Atlas Brace™ is based on chest circumference (distance around the chest, measured just under the arms)

Prodigy- 29” – 33” (74cm – 84 cm)


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The Atlas Prodigy was specially designed for children, while it still has all the features of the “big” Carbon or Air Braces, only reduced in size and weight (550g). The Prodigy takes the same neck brace technologies used by the pro’s to ensure that the future of our sport have the maximum protection possible.

All braces distribute force. This one make’s it unnoticeable. Flexibility is the key to injury prevention. It works for our bodies, and it’s the focal point of our design. Flexibility helps absorb impacts, rather than transferring them to the body with little or no reduction. It can even help mimic natural body movements. The combination makes wearing an Atlas Brace unnoticeably natural. All new stiffer front suspension features an increase in travel from 10 to 30mm. Why? It helps dampen a wider range of impacts, and helps keep your head in controlled rotation. Commonly referred to as “tuck and roll”, this motion can potentially reduce possible injury caused by your head coming to an abrupt stop during an impact.


  • Spine Free – The back support (8% more seating than the previous model) does not take place on the spine, but is supported by the surrounding back muscles. Thus, shocks can significantly better absorbed and injuries are minimized.
  • Sternal Free – At the front, the support is not to the sternum, but the pressure is evenly distributed on both pads.
  • Split-Flex framework – Vertical flexibility is the ne plus ultra respect of motion and comfort. The ATLAS Split-frame allows a perfect adaptation to the movements of the body, for comfort and protection.
  • Surface Area – The ATLAS Brace is by 27% more to the body than any competing product. Thus, the impact energies are more evenly distributed over the body and can be absorbed better.
  • Feather Weight – The ATLAS PRODIGY weighs just 550 g.
  • Easy Open – The new easy-open system allows a rapid opening and closing of the Braces with a simple push of a button.
  • Smart Mounts – The bracket allows six different positions for optimum adjustment of Braces to the body.
  • Chest suspension – The new front chest support is significantly longer and wider and is therefore better to the body. It is somewhat stiffer to absorb a wider range of strokes.
  • Colored Padding – colored cushions make for a fresh look.
  • Hybrid Strap – Combines the convenience of a chest strap with the flexibility of elastic X-Straps. Always Keeps the Brace in position.


  • Atlas recommends the Prodigy for children with a chest circumference of 74 – 84 cm (29″ – 33″). If you have any concerns regarding sizing, please give us a call on 07 3889 6466.